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1 Tomato Tips, Tricks and Home Remedies Robbi K. Hoy 335
2 Melons Texas A&M 95
3 Simple Steps to Productive Apple Trees University of Minnesota 255
4 Why Fruit Trees Fail To Bear University of Illinois Extension Office 125
5 What's Wrong with My Tomatoes? University of Illinois Extension Office 193
6 Extending the Vegetable Harvest University of Illinois Extension Office 163
7 Root Vegetables: The Underground Garden University of Illinois Extension Office 301
8 Pruning and Staking Tomatoes University of Illinois Extension Office 343
9 Thankful for Cranberries Purdue University Extension 132
10 Potatoes Turning Green Purdue University Extension 124
11 Growing Peaches and Nectarines in the Home Landscape Ohio State University 188
12 Warm Clothes For Wimpy Veggies Utah State University 119
13 Tips on keeping harvested potatoes fresh Oregon State University 112
14 Tomatoes Not Ripening? Purdue University Extension 343
15 Onions Don't Need To Be a Crying Shame Purdue University Extension 273
16 Home Garden Eggplant NC State University 193
17 Container Vegetable Gardening NC State University 154
18 Home Garden Collards NC State University 122
19 Home Garden Broccoli Raab NC State University 121
20 Home Garden Beet Production NC State University 144
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