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Dracocephalum grandiflorum

Pronunciation: dray-koh-SEF-uh-lum gran-dih-FLOR-um
Family: Lamiaceae
Common Name: Dragonhead
Plant Type:
  • perennial

Pests and Diseases:

rust, mildew, southern blight, spider mites

Propagation: divide or sow seed of perennials in containers in cold frame in autumn or spring, or root basal cuttings of young growth in mid to late spring.

Attractive bilabiate purple flowers grow on short, dense, whorled spikes above stems of alternate ovate, somewhat pubescent leaves.

Plant Type: perennial

Plant Form or Habit: rounded/mounded

Plant Use: For rockgardens.

Propagation: seed division stem cuttings

Light Requirement: full sun

Flower Color: purple

Bloom Period: mid-summer

Height: Minimum: 12 inches Maximum: 20 inches

Width: Minimum: 12 inches Maximum: 24 inches

Foliage Texture: medium

USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 to 8; Heat zones 8 to 1

Water Requirements: average

Additional Comments: D. grandiflorum is sometimes referred to as D. rupestre. Our plants collapsed, perhaps because of a rainy summer paired with a dose of fertilizer.

Source: Cornell University

Submitted by: Pectiwiccan
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