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The Ultimate How-To Guide for Gardeners

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Gardening How-to Guides

Essential How-to Guides for Every Gardener

Darko ShapiroJan 16, 202410 min read

Ever found yourself knee-deep in compost, wrestling with a stubborn weed and wondering if there was an easier way? Well, you’re not alone. Gardening can be a tricky business! But don’t fret, because this is where the Essential How-to Guides…

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"Lavender 'Grosso' plant in a garden with a measuring tape showing the optimal spacing for growth."

Lavender ‘Grosso’ Spacing (Definitive Guide)

Discover the optimal Lavender ‘Grosso’ spacing for a thriving garden! Learn how proper spacing can enhance your lavender’s growth and aroma.
"Close-up of a mature lavender plant and prepared cuttings on a wooden table, ready for propagation."

How to Propagate Lavender From Cuttings (Best Method That Actually Works)

Learn to multiply your lavender plants! Our guide on “How to Propagate Lavender From Cuttings” provides easy, effective steps.
"Fresh rosemary cuttings on a wooden board next to a pot of soil, garden shears, and rooting hormone, ready for propagation."

How to Propagate Rosemary From Cuttings (With Photos)

Discover the best tips and tricks on “How to Propagate Rosemary from Cuttings”. An easy, step-by-step guide with detailed photos awaits you!
"Gardener's hands gently positioning a young lavender plant into soil in a sunlit garden during early spring."

When is The Best Time to Plant Lavender?

Discover the secrets of successful gardening in our guide, exploring the best time to plant lavender for flourishing blooms and aroma.
"Gloved hands carefully planting a young lavender 'Provence' with purple buds in a garden, with a trowel and organic soil mix nearby."

How to Plant Lavender ‘Provence’

Discover the secrets of “How to Plant Lavender ‘Provence’” in your garden. Pro tips, care guide and more in our comprehensive article.
A row of small pots on a windowsill, each with aloe vera sprouts, beside a seed packet and mini gardening tools.

Growing Aloe Vera from Seeds: A Beginner’s Guide

“Unlock the secrets of Growing Aloe Vera from Seeds with our beginner’s guide. Master cultivation techniques for healthy, thriving plants.”
Hands trimming brown edges off an aloe vera plant on a well-lit table, surrounded by gardening tools.

Trimming Aloe Vera: A Simple How-To

Discover the correct way of trimming Aloe Vera to promote healthy growth in our comprehensive guide. Learn the best practices today!
Hands transplanting an aloe vera into a larger pot on a newspaper-covered table, using natural light.

Transplanting Aloe Vera Plants: A Detailed Guide

“Master the art of transplanting Aloe Vera plants with our easy-to-follow guide. Learn about timings, tools, and techniques for success!”
txt2img 3986173519

How Much Space do Lavenders Need to Grow?

Discover the ideal space for Lavenders to grow! Master the cultivation of this fragrant beauty in any garden size. Learn more today!
how to take hibiscus powder

How to Take Hibiscus Powder?

Learn the ultimate guide on how to take hibiscus powder like a pro! Discover the best methods and benefits of using hibiscus powder.