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The Complete Guide to Plant Care

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indoor plant cleaning

Green Thumb Mastery: Your Ultimate Guide to Plant Care

Darko ShapiroNov 27, 20239 min read

Ever had a plant that you loved to bits, but despite your best efforts, it just wouldn’t thrive? Trust me, we’ve all been there. That’s why I’ve put together this guide on Plant Care – to help you avoid the…

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"Close-up of a peace lily flower transitioning from white to green on a wooden table, with a pH soil tester and humidity meter nearby."

Peace Lily Flowers Turning Green? (3 Reasons)

Discover why your Peace Lily Flowers are turning green and how to restore their vibrant white color. Your lilies’ health is our priority.
"Close-up of a distressed 'Phenomenal' lavender plant with sparse blooms and discolored leaves, surrounded by garden tools, soil testing kits, and organic fertilizers."

(5 Reasons) Lavender ‘Phenomenal’ is not Blooming

Discover 5 surprising reasons why your Lavender ‘Phenomenal’ is not blooming. Learn how to solve this common gardening issue effectively!
"Close-up of a robust 'Provence' lavender plant in full bloom with vibrant purple flowers, set against a blurred garden backdrop."

Is Lavender ‘Provence’ a Perennial or Annual?

Uncover the mystery: “Is Lavender ‘Provence’ a Perennial or Annual?” Learn about its life cycle and how it can transform your garden!
"Vibrant, reblooming orchid near a sunny window, surrounded by care essentials like a spray bottle, potting mix, and humidity tray."

How to Rebloom Orchids Indoors (5 Hacks That Actually Work)

Discover our top tips on “How to Rebloom Orchids Indoors”. Learn from expert advice and get your orchids blooming all year round!
"Potted lavender plant leaning to one side on a rustic table, with a ruler and compass indicating its uneven growth."

Why is My Lavender Growing Sideways?

Discover the reasons “Why is My Lavender Growing Sideways?” in this article. Learn tips for proper lavender plant care and growth.
"Close-up of a struggling lavender plant with yellowing leaves and weak stems, surrounded by gardening tools, a soil pH tester, and organic fertilizer."

Why Your Lavender is Not Growing (5 Reasons)

Discover the common mistakes you might be making in “Why Your Lavender is Not Growing”. Learn to nurture your lavender right!
"Watering a vibrant bougainvillea plant in a terracotta pot, with focus on the falling water droplets and a moisture meter."

How to Water Bougainvillea in Pots

“Learn how to water bougainvillea in pots effectively. Our article provides step-by-step guidance for vibrant, healthy blooms.”
"Blooming hibiscus plant in a garden setting with gardening tools, organic fertilizer, and a watering can nearby."

How to Increase Hibiscus Blooms (6 Methods That Actually Work)

Discover 6 proven methods to increase Hibiscus blooms! Boost your garden’s beauty and enjoy a stunning display of vibrant flowers.
"Lavender plant under direct sunlight with purple blooms and silvery-green leaves being watered, on a clear summer day."

How to Water Lavender in Hot Weather

Learn how to water lavender in hot weather with our expert tips! Optimize growth and maintain vibrant blooms even in extreme heat.
"A lavender plant in a ceramic pot dusted with snow, surviving winter, with frosty garden elements in the background."

Will Lavender Survive in Pots Over Winter?

Discover if “Will Lavender Survive in Pots Over Winter” – we reveal expert tips on how to successfully winterize your potted lavender.