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Outdoor Plant Care

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Outdoor Plant Care

Mastering Outdoor Plant Care: Strategies for a Lush Garden

Darko ShapiroJan 14, 202413 min read

Ever had a moment when you look at your neighbor’s lush garden and wonder how they do it? Well, the secret is in mastering Outdoor Plant Care. In this blog post, we’ll unravel all those green thumb secrets that will…

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Is Lavender ‘Provence’ a Perennial or Annual?

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Why is My Lavender Growing Sideways?

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Why Your Lavender is Not Growing (5 Reasons)

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How to Water Lavender in Hot Weather

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"Healthy Lavender Grosso in a terracotta pot in a sunlit garden, with gardening gloves and organic fertilizer nearby."

How to Care For Lavender Grosso

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"Healthy lavender plant in a terracotta pot, with vibrant purple flowers and green foliage, accompanied by gardening gloves and pruning shears."

Why Lavenders Don’t Need Feeding

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How to Grow and Care for Lavender ‘Provence’

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