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Outdoor Plant Care

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Outdoor Plant Care

Mastering Outdoor Plant Care: Strategies for a Lush Garden

Darko ShapiroJan 14, 202413 min read

Ever had a moment when you look at your neighbor’s lush garden and wonder how they do it? Well, the secret is in mastering Outdoor Plant Care. In this blog post, we’ll unravel all those green thumb secrets that will…

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Close-up of mature Lavender 'Provence' plants with gardening gloves and tools, in a field under late afternoon light.

How to Grow and Care for Lavender ‘Provence’

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Close-up of well-draining soil with pebbles and organic matter, lavender blooms in the background.

What Soil do Lavenders Like?

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A vibrant lavender plant in bloom, surrounded by gardening tools and organic fertilizer, highlighting care practices for longevity.

How Long do Lavenders Live? (5 Hacks to Increase Longevity)

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Rose bush with wilted flowers in waterlogged soil, surrounded by gardening tools for drainage improvement.

Will Roses Grow in Wet Soil?

Discover if roses can thrive in wet soil! Our comprehensive guide explores “Will Roses Grow in Wet Soil?” Uncover the truth now!
Bright, sunny garden with rose bushes spaced out, a measuring tape between two, emphasizing optimal growth spacing.

How Much Space do Roses Need to Grow?

Discover the perfect space for roses to grow! Our guide gives you all the tips and tricks to achieve blooming, beautiful roses.
A stressed lavender plant with yellowing leaves next to a pH test kit indicating acidic soil in an outdoor garden setting.

Will Lavender Grow in Acidic Soil?

Unearth the answer to “Will Lavender Grow in Acidic Soil?” Discover valuable tips for cultivating this aromatic herb in various soil types.
Healthy Hebe plant without blooms, next to gardening gloves, pruning shears, and fertilizer in a garden setting.

Why is My Hebe Not Flowering?

Discover the answer to “Why is My Hebe Not Flowering?” in our comprehensive guide. Get expert tips to make your Hebe bloom beautifully.
Hydrangea bushes in shades of blue, pink, and purple under pine trees with a ground cover of pine needles.

Will Hydrangeas Grow Under Pine Trees?

“Discover the stunning truth about whether hydrangeas will grow under pine trees! Uncover gardening secrets and enhance your landscape today!”
Close-up of a woody lavender plant with pruning shears and gloves nearby, indicating care.

Why is My Lavender Woody?

Discover the reasons “Why is My Lavender Woody?” in our detailed guide. Get tips to prevent and fix this common lavender issue.
Gardener amending soil with organic matter for azaleas, focusing on rich, dark soil and blurred azalea plants in the background.

Preparing Garden Soil for Azaleas

“Unlock the secrets of Preparing Garden Soil for Azaleas in our detailed guide. Improve your gardening skills and grow vibrant azaleas now!”